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Terms & Conditions

The services contained in the site http://www.satexcursions.it are offered by the travel agency SICILIAN AIRBUS TRAVEL – SAT GROUP S.R.L. (the SAT), located in Corso Umberto 73, 98039 Taormina (ME) 98039 Taormina (ME).
SAT operates both as an intermediary in the sale of tourism products offered by other organizers as both organizer on their own, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Responsibility for SAT is therefore regulated and limited by the rules mentioned above, and in particular by art. 46 of Legislative Decree n May 23, 2011. 79 (the " Tourism Code ").
Corporate Data : SICILIAN AIRBUS TRAVEL – SAT GROUP S.R.L. , Registered Office : Corso Umberto 73, Taormina (ME)98039 - Italy .
VAT no. 03322990833 and Companies Register of Messina n. 44111; RC Ag Travel Insurance policy No. 21400465 UnipolSai Assicurazioni SpA; License Holder Travel and Tourism Agency " SICILIAN AIRBUS TRAVEL" No. Ctg.13.C/1975 - Div. 3rd of 12.03.1975;

Terms of use

These terms of use govern your use of the site www.satexcursions.it ("Site") by the user and sale of tourist services offered in the catalogs of SAT (by way of example, but not limited to, trips, vacations, tours, hotel stays) available on the Site (" Trips ") as of 05/30/2014.
The Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between the SAT and the user who uses the Site, book and buy the Services ("Customer"). The Customer is also subject to the special conditions applicable to individual services (including, details on destination, departure date and duration of the holiday, the price, applicable taxes) that are specified in the online catalogs of SAT. These special conditions are an integral and substantial part of the contract between the SAT and the Customer. Your use of the Site, reservations and purchase of the Services is subject to acceptance of these Terms by the Customer.
The customer is obliged, therefore, to read and accept in full and specifically the General Conditions and any special conditions applicable to individual services, by ticking the appropriate box or by clicking on the hyperlink provided for this purpose. In the absence of acceptance of the General Conditions and any special conditions applicable to individual services will not be technically feasible to proceed with confirmation of the booking and purchase of the Services.
The General Conditions provide for different rules depending on whether the customer purchases the Services as a unit or as part of a "package". The term "package" means, pursuant to art. 34 of Legislative Decree n May 23, 2011. 79 (" the Tourism Code") the provision resulting from the combination of at least two of the following when sold or offered at a package price:
• transport
• accommodation
• tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant part of the tour package .
These Terms of Use are effective as of the date of update above.
Terms of use may be modified at any time, without notice, provided that such changes will not be applied to orders placed by the customer prior to the change.
Therefore, the customer is required to read the current text of the General Conditions before making any booking and purchase of the Excursions section.

Website registration

It is permitted to register only to users consumers individuals who have age. For "Consumer" means natural persons who have access to SAT for purposes not related to their trade, business or profession, and who are members of the club Alfio Fichera Sicilian Airbus Travel. Will therefore apply the provisions contained in the Decree. n. 206 of 6.9.2005 Consumer Code, the Code of Tourism in addition to those generally applicable to the type of service provided by Alfio Fichera Sicilian Airbus Travel by virtue of Decree. n . 70 of 9.4.2003 on information society services and electronic commerce.
In order to use the Site, the Customer must register by filling out the form with their personal information. The customer will also be asked to enter an e-mail address and enter a secret password. The e-mail address and password will serve as the authentication credentials ("Credentials Authentication") in order to access all the functionality of the Site and the Services.
The Customer represents and warrants that all data and information provided during the registration process is current, complete, true and correct. The Customer undertakes to promptly notify any change to SAT Alfio Fichera. Furthermore, the Customer authorizes SAT to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of your registration data and other information provided and agrees to cooperate with SAT for the success of these checks.
If the Customer becomes aware of any unauthorized use of authentication credentials and / or any breach of the confidentiality of the password, the Customer shall promptly aware of the situation SAT. The customer is solely responsible access to the Site by the Credentials and Authentication is liable for any damage or injury caused to third parties by SAT or improper use, loss, misappropriation by others or by the lack of protection of appropriate confidentiality of its authentication credentials.
All transactions made through the authentication credentials are considered made by the Customer to which the Authentication Credentials relate.
SAT reserves the right, at its discretion and at any time, the right to:
- Terminate the contract with the customer in case of improper use of the site or contrary to the terms and conditions of sale signed.
- Prohibit the registration of new customers or delete existing Authentication Credentials, without which it descends the obligation to communicate the reasons for such decisions or the right to indemnity or compensation.

Duration of the offer

The range of tourist services of SAT are normally valid for as long as they are present on the site, subject to availability of seats available unless otherwise stated in the offer, and may vary in real time. The photos in the descriptions are purely illustrative and are not binding.

Prices adn taxes

SAT offers the services at special prices, negotiations and public. The descriptions of the services listed in our electronic catalogs specify for each type of travel and service benefits included in the price and any special conditions applicable to such services. Prices shown are those in effect at the time of booking.
All our prices are quoted in Euros and are inclusive of VAT. In accordance with the VAT scheme for travel agents (art.74ter the Decree of the President of the Republic of 26 October 1972, no. 633 ), all invoices issued by the SAT does not show the VAT charged on services sold.
The flat rate travel and stay varies depending on the period, the number of participants and the carrier. Our prices are contractual rates. It can not, therefore, be raised any objection on the price of the package will be after the booking was made .
Unless otherwise indicated in the tender, the prices do not include:
• The optional insurance and / or additional
• The fees required by some municipalities and / or tourist areas
• Meals not included in the packages
• Beverages consumed at meals not included in the packages
• Entrances to museums and sites
• Extra in general
• Personal expenses
• Use the tips to guides and drivers during the tour
The price and / or discount percentage listed next to the sale price are established by SAT. Extraordinary changes in price pursuant to Art. 40 of the Code of Tourism.
SAT reserves the right to increase the price of the package in line with any changes relating to:
• the cost of transport, in particular dependent on the cost of fuel and the various applicable fees the amount of which varies depending on destination and are subject to change by the local authorities.
The price changes will be calculated as the difference between the rates existing at the time of booking and the new rates announced by the official authorities and by the suppliers of the shipping service.


Let us consider only orders irrevocable. In particular, we can accept electronically booking a service by the customer and fulfil their order, only after the acceptance of the General Conditions and any special conditions applicable to the individual Services by the Customer and after disclosure of the number of its credit card.
When booking via the Internet, the General Conditions will be proposed to the customer during the checkout process. By clicking on "I accept the terms and conditions of sale", you acknowledge having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions of sale has the value of recognition and acceptance of all the conditions set out below by the customer in the name and on behalf of the other participants who will therefore be bound by these Terms & Conditions. The acceptance of the Terms has the value of definite reservation from which you can no longer withdraw.
Acceptance of the offer:
When booking a service via the Internet, the customer is required to sign up to an offer and communicate the details of your credit card, which will be treated in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no . 196/2003 and systems safe. The customer will be offered a quote that will be accepted by clicking on "Confirm".
SAT is committed to doing everything possible so that the contract shows with accuracy all the booking details of the client. SAT will not be responsible in case of missing or erroneous data . The customer has the responsibility to read the agreement carefully and possibly decide not to accept or not to send it back signed and, if necessary, to contact our customer support services.
Availability of Offers:
All of our online deals are usually available. A few minutes after the order process, an e- mail confirming the receipt of the reservation request will be automatically sent to the e- mail address provided during registration by the customer and the amount will be automatically charged to the credit card communicated. The booking confirmation and invoice will be sent by email to the customer as soon as possible to confirm your reservation. If the supplier should inform us that the offer has been booked is no longer available, pursuant to art. 42 , paragraph 1 of the Code of tourism the customer will be entitled to receive another package of equivalent or superior quality at no extra cost or a lower quality package, with a refund of the price difference, or will be reimbursed by seven working days from the time of withdrawal or cancellation, the amount of money already paid.

Payment and billing

Payment can be made by:
• Paypal, Credit Card or Prepaid Card Rechargeable major international circuits indicated on the payment page at the end of the booking process.
For each purchase , the customer will be charged the full amount of the order at the time of sending the e- mail confirming the receipt of the reservation request.
The Customer warrants that it is finally fully-enabled credit card that you are using for the purchase and that the latter gives access to sufficient funds to cover all costs required to balance the reservation. The debit authorization given to the SAT for the booking payment is irrevocable. It is therefore not possible for the customer to make opposition to the payment if not exclusively, in case the fraudulent use of the same by third parties. Outside of this limited circumstance and regulated by law, in case of opposition to pay the holder of the credit card is guilty of defrauding the emitter of the credit card. The right to object to the payment does not replace the exclusion of the right to reconsider. The invoice is issued and sent electronically to the same customer at the time of booking confirmation. The invoice is addressed to the person who made the booking and the name indicated on the invoice can not be changed after the sale. There are invoices issued in respect of legal persons. The amount on the invoice indicating the total amount of the package that can not be in any case fragmented or transfer to other people. The VAT regime is indicated in art. 4 "Prices and taxes" in these conditions.

Exclusion of right to cancel

Unless otherwise provided in these Terms & Conditions, the Customer may not withdraw from reservations and purchases of services made by SAT . The right of withdrawal provided for by Articles . 64-67 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, and referred to in art. 32 paragraph 2 of the Code of Tourism, is expressly excluded.

Delivery of travel documents

The mode of delivery of travel documents and / or transport tickets are listed on the notice of confirmation of the booking and the delivery is made in function of the time interval that elapses between the date of ticket issuance and the date of departure and / or the type of service .
In the event that the customer makes a mistake in sending their data , SAT disclaims any responsibility for the non- execution or defective execution of the trip due to non-receipt of travel documents .
Proposed activities during your stay
Some activities can be risky, especially for young children. SAT is not in any way responsible for accidents or injuries to the Customer or acts of third parties, or in the event of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. SAT does not guarantee that the site activities listed in the description are actually paid and will not be liable in any way if such activities are suppressed by the local structure that provides the service for climatic reasons, force majeure, stays out of season or if it is not reached the minimum number of participants required to perform the activity.


SAT seeks to offer through photos and illustrations provided a realistic view of the proposed services. The pictures and diagrams in the descriptions, however, have a purely illustrative, are provided by the owners of the services offered and may not reflect the conditions of facilities and services at the time of booking. In addition, naturalistic pictures that describe particular phenomena, such as the eruption of Mount Etna or Stromboli, do not guarantee the actual reproduction of the phenomena themselves.

Liability and warranty

To use the SAT website does not guarantee that the site is free of defects, errors or bugs, that the website will operate without interruption or failure, or that it is compatible with all systems without exception. SAT can not be held responsible for failures due to third-party software. SAT can not be held responsible for all types of damage foreseeable or unforeseeable, whether tangible or intangible assets arising from the use or the total or partial inability to use the site.
SAT can not control all of the sites on which you have been redirected through hyperlinks, which exist only to facilitate user searches. SAT therefore can not in any way be held responsible for their content.
By accepting these Terms & Conditions, the user must be aware of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular with regard to the technical performance of applications that are developed with regard to the security of communications and data.

For services

Our suppliers are chosen with particular care. SAT will not be responsible in any way for failure or improper performance of any of the elements of the package due to the customer, to a case of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, or to a third party unconnected with the provision of services under the contract. The responsibility for the SAT is limited only to services purchased by SAT, excluding all services purchased from third parties.

Cancellation and amendment of reservation

Any cancellations and changes must be requested in writing via e-mail at info@satexcursions.it
Clients who were to receive a quote for modification / cancellation will have to answer for approval by the deadline indicated in the email to confirm your request. The confirmations received after the deadline will result in additional charges which will be communicated via e-mailto the customer. In the absence of written confirmation, the reservation will be maintained as originally intended. The cancellation or modification of the reservation may result in fees charged by our suppliers, in addition to our practice management expenses (fines). These costs will be deducted from the refund in case of cancellation and debited in case of changes. Expenses not included in the service and already incurred by the customer (for example, but not limited to, the issuance of visas, other travel documents, the cost of vaccinations), there will be no refund. The termination of the contract , for whatever reason, shall not relieve the customer from paying in full the amounts for which he is liable towards the company Alfio Fichera SAT .
Interrupted stays, shortened or services that are not consumed, for any reason, including the failure to submit or late submission, shall not be entitled to any refund. Recall that each time the customer subscribes insurance to cover the expenses in case of cancellation, it is up to the Customer directly notify the insurer or the cancellation of the accident, according to the terms and conditions specified in the contract shown on the site.

Penalty in case of cancellation

The penalties for cancelling vary according to service providers (including but not limited to, hotels, airlines, tour operators, local intermediaries) who participated in the realization of the trip. Unless otherwise indicated in the description of the booked trip will apply the penalties listed below.


Some commercial offers, regardless of the type of product and by virtue of a greater discount on the final price offered to the customer, may contain conditions different from those presented in the table above. These terms will be expressly indicated in the Data Sheet of the product for sale and will form an integral part of the travel contract.

Cancellation due to the service provider

In the event that the SAT was forced to cancel the trip, the customer will be notified immediately and will be entitled, at its option, to (a) take a substitute package of equivalent or superior quality at no extra cost; (b) take advantage of a lower quality package, with a refund of the price difference; or (c) to obtain a refund, within 48 working hours from the time notice of cancellation, the amount of money already paid.
If the customer booked a tour or a stay, the reservation may be subject to a minimum number of participants. In case of cancellation due to lack of number of participants, the SAT will notify the customer in good time.

Protection of personal data

SAT agrees to abide by the rules applicable standards for safety and protection of personal data also to ensure safe navigation, controlled and confidential.
In order to ensure full compliance with the laws applicable in the event of their change and update this article on the protection of personal data can be changed. For this reason SAT invites the customer to read and understand the rules governing the collection and processing of personal data.
The data provided by the Customer to SAT on the Site during the registration process and each time you proceed to make a purchase on the site are processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
The personal data supplied by the client will be treated with paper, electronic or automated means. Holder of the processing of personal data is the company Alfio Fichera Sicilian Airbus Travel (SAT) with headquarters in Corso Umberto, 73 - 98039 Taormina ( Me) Italy.
The data provided by the Customer are used for the following purposes:
1. The collection, storage and processing in the establishment and operational management of the contractual relationship and administrative provision of the services offered by SAT;
2 . Use of the data by satellite to carry communications by e- mail, phone or fax concerning the course of the contractual relationship.
With the consent of the customer, the customer's personal data may also be processed for the purpose of sending promotional and advertising communications.
Personal data may be processed by and communicated to employees and / or contractors who carry out assistance and advice to the SAT as well as in charge of maintenance of network equipment and hardware and software in use; airlines, hotels hotel, car rental companies, insurance companies and other entities to which the transmission is necessary for the execution of the contract; individuals who are authorized to access the data is recognized by law or by order of the authorities; delegates and / or agents from SAT to carry out activities related to the provision of the Services.
The customer's personal data will not be disseminated or disclosed outside of the cases described above.

Complains and customer service

Any claim for failure or improper performance of the contract must be reported by the customer on-site organizer of the package without delay, so that the organizer can promptly remedy. The customer may also file a complaint by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the organizer and SAT in Corso Umberto, 73 - 98039 Taormina (Me) Italy, no later than 10 working days from the date of return to the starting point.
Complaints received after the deadline will not be taken no action.
Before any booking, the customer is required to inform themselves about any local events such as, but not limited to, the carnival, religious holidays, national holidays, festivals, fairs, which could jeopardize the success of the trip. In this regard can not be submitted any further complaint to the company SAT.
SAT agrees to submit to the customer in the shortest time possible and a written receipt of delivery of communication and the fact that the matter has been entrusted to the relevant department. In most cases, the final answer will depend on the time it will take to respond to the interested suppliers. We will not accept claims or objections by telephone. The expenses for the reporting of complaints will be borne by the customer.
In case of loss or damage to baggage during air travel, before making any complaint to our customer service, the customer is required to contact the airline:
making them record the loss or damage to luggage before leaving the airport;
after sticking a complaint, which attach the originals of the following documents: bill of lading, statement of loss, receipt of the baggage check .
In case of loss or damage to baggage during air travel or in case of delay of the flight, if the customer has taken out insurance to cover these risks, it is required to submit a complaint to the insurance company within the period specified in the that contract. The insurance company will only accept applications accompanied by all the documents required by the contract.
The company SAT is not required to take any action in this regard. For any further information the customer can contact the customer service number +39 0942 246 53 or write to info@satexcursions.it .

Applicable law

These Terms & Conditions and the relationship between the customer and SAT are governed by Italian law, including the Code of Tourism and the law September 6, 2005, no. 206 bearing the Consumer Code, the portion relating to distance contracts.

Trademarks and intellectual property rights

All contents of the Site, such as but not limited to, text, graphics, trademarks, logos, icons, images, audio clips, databases, software (and related source codes ) are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, Legislative Decree . 30/2005, the law on copyright, l. n.633/41, as well as other applicable laws relating to intellectual and industrial property. These intellectual and industrial property rights are the exclusive property of the SAT, or their suppliers, who license them under the management of the SAT at the express license. Without the written consent of SAT, therefore, the user can not, in any way, means or form, copy, modify, alter, publish, publicly promote, sell or transfer any material, database, or strings of programs on the Site, in part or in whole.